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Our Podcast Academy workshops, training and online courses are designed from the ground up to help you gain the right podcast and audio production skills, storytelling, branding know-how and marketing expertise and knowledge that matters and creates impact and intrigue.


"Build your knowledge and reinforce your education of all things podcasting."

We show where you need to focus your efforts to make the most bang for your buck in the world of podcasting.

It's not all just about understanding the audio production and choosing the right equipment. 

We look in depth at how to determine your why, identify your audience and implement strategies that leave a dent and grow your podcast brand and influence.

Learn how to build a podcast brand, how to produce a podcast episode, what technology you need, how to market your podcast, building an audience and more.


No matter where you are on your podcasting journey we can get you up to speed and on the right track.

We provide the right knowledge and structured approach to equip you with an education that takes you places. 

With the right support we will make podcasting easy for you, helping you to grow your influence and audience whilst also building your podcast empire episode by episode. 



Our online course designed to teach you how to create your very own podcast! From coming up with an original idea, recording your audio and producing a podcast episode to branding, hosting, launching and marketing your podcast series. We're here to show you how!







Starting in September 2024! 


Our Podcasting in the Classroom workshops are designed to empower schools and their students with the skills and knowledge to create their own podcasts.

Tailored for school settings, our workshops provide a dynamic platform for students to express their creativity, develop critical thinking skills and enhance digital literacy.

Through engaging activities and practical demonstrations, participants will learn about the art of storytelling, effective scriptwriting, audio recording techniques, editing basics and podcast distribution platforms.


Students will explore the ethical considerations and responsibilities of podcasting including copyright issues and respecting diverse perspectives. By the end of the workshop, students will have the confidence and tools to craft compelling narratives and share their unique voices with the world through the exciting medium of podcasting.


Creating a podcast can be a highly effective and engaging way for primary and secondary school students to learn across a range of subject areas and disciplines.


Here are some ways podcasting can benefit your students and lessons:

Enhanced Communication Skills: Recording a podcast involves speaking clearly, articulating thoughts and organising information effectively, helping students to improve their verbal communication skills, which are essential in all subjects.


Research and Critical Thinking: Before recording an episode, students need to research the topic thoroughly, helping to promote critical thinking skills as they effectively research, evaluate information, discern key points and synthesise ideas.


Creativity and Expression: Podcasting allows students to express their creativity by choosing topics, deciding on formats, organising team roles and adding music or sound effects. This creative outlet can be particularly beneficial for students who may struggle with traditional forms of expression.


Subject-Specific Learning: Podcasting can cover a wide range of subjects including English, History, Geography, Science, PSE, PE, RSE and more. Students can create episodes discussing topics they're studying in class, related concepts and areas they are interested and their own ideas, reinforcing student understanding and engagement.


Collaboration and Teamwork: Producing a podcast requires teamwork and collaboration. Students can work in groups to map and discuss ideas, divide tasks and contribute to the final podcast episode fostering collaboration skills and encouraging peer learning.


Auditory Learning: Some students may learn better through auditory means. Podcasting provides an alternative way for students to engage with content, allowing them to listen to explanations and discussions repeatedly if needed.


Technology Skills: Learning to plan, record, edit, produce and publish a podcast introduces students to a varied range of technologies and digital tools. These skills are becoming increasingly important in today's world and can benefit students in their future academic and professional endeavours.


Confidence Building: Presenting their ideas in a podcast can boost students' confidence, particularly if they receive positive feedback from peers or teachers. This confidence can translate to other areas of their academic and personal lives.


Audience Engagement: Knowing that their podcast will be heard by others can motivate students to put extra effort into their work, leading to higher levels of potential engagement and accountability.


Reflection and Self-Assessment: Listening to their own podcasts allows students to reflect on their learning process, identify areas for improvement and evaluate their own performance. 


Creating a podcast can be a fun and effective way for students to learn across a number of subject and topic areas while developing a wide range of valuable skills and experiences that can help your students to understand, learn and grow.

We can visit your school to deliver bespoke podcasting workshops designed to enhance your students subject knowledge and core skills. Our workshops are tailored to fit with your curriculum structure and current topic areas.

Get in touch now to book a free discovery meeting to see how we can enhance student learning and engagement in your school through podcasting!

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