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Perfect for podcast beginners!
One episode per month.

From £120

The One Stop Podcast Package One is our entry-level 1x podcast episode per month podcast production service, that is expertly designed to get your podcast ideas off the ground and in front of your ever growing audience. Show what you know, talk to the people who matter in your industry sector and evidence how you are a true thought leader in your area of expertise.

Whether you want to produce a dramatic true crime, narrative driven podcast series or a guest focused interview format with key people of influence from within your sector, we can help you out and everything in between. 


Just let us know where you are at on your podcast journey and we can sort out the rest. 

Our simple, step-by-step process is as easy as one, two, three. 



Stage One

We work together with you to establish your podcast brand identity, most effective schedule, best format and audience engagement strategy. 

You upload your audio recordings directly to us. 

Stage Two

Our team gets to work crafting and producing a top notch podcast series that delivers your message and story.

Stage Three

Your podcast is available for all your listeners to hear on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, Stitcher and all the other places where your audience engage with your podcast series.

It's that straight forward. Keeping it simple is a key part of our core values. We help you to bring your ideas and concepts to fruition with bells on top. Just let us know what you want.


➕ Full implementation of our expert One Stop 5-Step Podcast Production Process.

➕ A dedicated Creative Account Manager assigned to your podcast project.

➕ An expert full-stack creative, branding, production and marketing team ready to smash your goals.

➕ Step-by-step support at every stage in the planning, setup and launch of your podcast series.

➕ Regular podcast update meetings.

➕ Unlimited email support.

➕ 1 x episode per calendar month.

➕ Choosing the right format for your podcast episodes.

ID3 tagging.

➕ Podcast brand strategy development, design and implementation.

➕ Podcast marketing and promotion.

➕ 1 x Fully produced podcast episode.

➕ Full Audio Production - Audio Clean Up, Editing and Processing. 

➕ Sound Design.

➕ Music Production.

➕ Music Licensing.  

➕ Audio Production.

➕ Sound Mix.

Podcast episode mix.

Mastering of your podcast episode to industry-standard.

Podcast Hosting set up and upload (making your podcast available to your audience).

RSS Feed set up (connecting your podcast to the major platforms).

SEO and metadata optimisation (ensuring your podcast is showing up in the right places).

Podcast strategy development and schedule optimisation. 

➕ Podcast branded voice over services. 

Show notes. 

➕ Recording services*

➕ Podcast transcription.

➕ 1 x Up to 20 second Podcast Audiogram to promote your monthly podcast episode.

➕ Your podcast episode sounding tip-top, scheduled and available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, Stitcher and more. 

Just like all of our One Stop Podcast Production Packages. We deal with everything. 


Reach your audience, build your influence and create a niche for yourself through podcast storytelling.


All you need to do is define your podcast brand, decide on a suitable schedule for your monthly podcast episode, upload your audio recordings to our dedicated cloud storage and we work our magic to create a podcast episode that delights, engages and grows your audience. 

Reinforce your brand message, build your influence and grow your target audience through podcasting now! 




Get in touch to arrange a free podcast discovery meeting and lets get your monthly podcast series in shape for growing your audience and influence!

One Stop Podcast Package One: Service
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